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If you are like me, you feel like you never have time to “get healthy.” With the stresses of everyday life, we often overlook what will help use feel and look better. When we are unhealthy, we can become even more stressed!

Introducing the You Plus Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Platform. This platform includes a new book, Reprogram Your Life: Bioscience of a Healthier You, a You+ interactive phone app, and a website. The platform was developed by a network of scientists, physicians and software engineers, led by Dr. Steven Willey, a weight loss expert and author of the book.

The Book

Reprogram You Life, by Steven Willey, is the perfect place to start for a healthier you. This book talks about why the YOU+ method works and then discusses the three pillars of the method: nutrition, exercise and sleep. Included is a YOU+ Food and Drink Plan as well as a exercise plan that includes strength training, aerobic exercise and core strength and stability. The author believes that in order for the plan to work, it must be simple. How often have you quit an over complicated diet or exercise plan? The nutrition plan guides you in choosing healthy choices and avoid sugary foods and drinks. However, the actual choice are up to you. You also work in a 1/2 day cheat period where you can have some of the foods you usually wouldn’t choose such as pizza or ice cream. The exercise plan gives you some easy exercise for home or gym.

Reprogram Your LIfe

The App

The App is called You+, but to find it, search using the term ‘youplus’. You will see a green, blue and yellow plus sign. The App is free and incorporates what you have learned from the book. There are three sections, just like the book. Create a login (free) and answer a few questions and you are ready to go. The workout section is my favorite. First it give you three goals for the day: Cardio, Resistance and Core. On my first day, my goals were 20 minutes of Cardio (my choice, such as walking), 13 different resistance exercises that had about 10-15 reps each, and two core exercises that included an exercise ball crunch and a dumbbell side bend. You do not have to do all of the exercises at one sitting and can split them up over the day.


The nutrition section of the app guides you through appropriate choices. There isn’t any calorie counting, you use your hand to give you an idea of what is the best portion side. There is a eating in and dining out section to help you make wise choices both at home and out and about.

Nutrition 1
Nutrition 2

Nutriton 3
nutriton 4

You are even presented with yummy recipes to make it easy to choose what to eat.

nutrition 5

The sleep section did not work on my phone. Perhaps it is a bug that will be fixed in later releases, but it always kicked me out of the app so I can’t review that section for you. However, I love the app so far! So easy to use and will definitely keep me healthier.

The Website

The website has an overview of the program. If you signed up with your mobile app, you can use the same username and password. It offers the same functionality of the app and the two sync with each other as well. If you mark off that you completed a specific exercise on the website it is marked as completed on the app and vice versa. On the website, I was able to view the sleep program which gives great tips for improving sleep time and keeping track of how well you are sleeping.

Author Steven Willey, MD says about the program: “You Plus is a comprehensive lifestyle improvement and support platform promoting the prevention of illness and encouraging the development of healthy behaviors. This healthy lifestyle system was developed by doctors for doctors, to help their patients and people everywhere. People especially love the app, because it is their anywhere, anytime nutrition, fitness, and sleep coach.”

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Cecile has been a work-at-home mom since 2003. She is busy being a chauffeur to her kids, managing community activities and blogging. Cecile enjoys drawing on her professional experience as a University manager and computer engineer to help others achieve social media success.

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  1. I love the visual queues for portion control. With the servings you get these days that is the hardest part of eating healthy!
    mary recently posted..A Place for the Boys to Play While the Girls ShopMy Profile

  2. This would be a great program for me. I have a really hard time staying motivated and on track just because I am so busy. I like how this is really laid out simply and straightforward. And I love that you can have as many fruits and veggies as you like, I have always thought that should be the case. I will definitely check this out!
    Marysa recently posted..Roasted Seaweed SnacksMy Profile

  3. Kim Croisant says:

    I need something to remind me to sit up properly. I seem to slouch too much…..Yoga for me too!!

  4. This sounds like a great app!! I always have my smart phone on my so this would be a great reminder.
    Tammilee Tips recently posted..Huckleberry Crock Pot Barbecue Ribs RecipeMy Profile

  5. I like that it has nutrition suggestions. That’s my hardest thing – coming up with a healthy meal plan.
    Scott recently posted..Frogger Without the Cars & BusesMy Profile

  6. Thanks for your nice advice