Disney’s The BFG Coloring Pages and Activities

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I don’t know about you, put I am excited for Disney’s The BFG to open this Friday, July 1st. It looks like a really fun and entertaining movie.


Based on the beloved book by Roald Dahl, the story revolves around ten year old Sopie who meets a Big Friendly Giant (BFG). Although she is scared at first, Sophie realizes that the 24-foot tall giant is friendly and charming. Unfortunately, the bad giants (Bloodblottler, Fleshlumper and others) are not happy with the friendship. Sophie and the BFG must travel to London to see the queen and enlist her help to get rid of the bad giants!

One of the fun things about The BFG is that Roald Dahl created a language to give the BFG a unique voice. The words are silly, but similar to words used in the English language. At first the filmmakers were concerned that an audience would not understand the language. However, the more the BFG used the words, the more the filmmakers were convinced that the language was perfect for the BFG. Here are some of the words and their meanings. See if you can spot when the BFG uses them in the movie!

Cannybully…….. Cannibal
Chatbags………. Chatterbox
Childers………. Children
Jiggyrafes…….. Giraffes
Earbusting…….. Loud
Frumpin Fry……. Pumpkin Pie
Giggler……….. Little Girls
Scrumdiddlyumptious… Scrumptious
Scuddiling…….. Scurrying
Trogglehumper….. A horrible nightmare

These coloring sheets and activities are sure to keep your kids entertained and get them excited about the movie!

BFG Coloring Sheets

BFG Maze

BFG Spot the Difference

BFG Word Search

The Shopping Duck

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