Scrape-A-Round – Best Ice Scraper!


If you’re tired of scraping your windows the old fashioned way, then join the Scrape-A-Round movement. You will secure your family’s safety, access new gift ideas and scrape your windows cleaner in half the time with the world’s best windshield ice scraper. View the Scrape-A-Round action

The Scrape-a-round is a brilliant feat of ice scraping engineering. The simple explanations why Scrape-A-Round is the best ice scraper is because of the softer plastic, allows the scraper to conform to the window curvature! Find out more information:


Here are some great features of the Scrape-A-Round

  • 18″ of ice scraping surface.
  • The comfortable grasp provides relief for the arthritic or carpal syndrome sufferer.
  • Direct pressure to the window, no pressure lost through the ice scraper!
  • The circular rotational motion of ice scraper.
  • Double ice scraper action, leading edge and trailing edge.
  • Multi functional, remove the cap and it doubles as a funnel.
  • This scrapes windows frost and ice free in half the time!
  • Makes the perfect gift for the Holidays! Perfect for new drivers, experienced drivers, seniors and that hard to buy for person.


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{Review} Christmas in Color – Drive Thru Holiday Light Show in Utah


If you haven’t been to a drive through holiday light show yet, you should really try it! Pack up your car and head on over to Provo or Kearns in Utah for an amazing show.

How it works

First, get your discount ticket. Use the code ColorFamily to get 15% off a weekday ticket for Christmas In Color. Offer expires on 12/15/16.

Then pack up your loved ones and head on over to either Provo or Kearns. Find more details for your visit here:

When you get there, you drive slowly through 1 million beautifully synchronized Christmas lights. The light show is set to music. The show has a special radio station that you tune your radio and you get the music right in your car.

Don’t drive by too quickly, you are meant to drive slowly through the show. It is fun for kids of all ages and really gets you in the holiday spirit. I took my son who is 13 and my daughter who is 17 and they really enjoyed it. Here are a few of the photos that my daughter took as we were driving through.





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This will be fun for the whole family. Pack up your car and have fun!


Mermaid Gifts for Your Little Mermaid


Do you have a little mermaid in your life? Fin Fun offers an amazing selection of high-quality mermaid tail designs inspired by the beauty of the sea and nature. The Fin Fun Mermaidens collection features tails based on the beloved Mermaiden Princess characters, each with a unique personality and story, which can be found on the kid-friendly site. The Limited Edition collection combines fantasy with nature’s beauty in spectacular designs that have a shimmery, shiny look and feel.


The patented Fin Fun Monofin (available for separate purchase) provides natural mermaid motion for smooth swimming at the pool, lake or beach. Feet are not strapped in, making removal of the Monofin easy, with just one tug and a kick. The open tail bottom makes it easy to insert and remove the Monofin (required for swimming), while also avoiding trapped air and allowing mermaids to walk on land. These products are perfect for a more realistic mermaid experience that also provides maximum safety, comfort and performance. The premium quality and attention to detail has made them a celebrity favorite, as well as the best-selling mermaid tail brand in the world!

Another great gift idea is the Bikini Beach Cuddle Tails. This cute blanket is made from soft plush minky, will keep your little mermaid warm year ‘round. Even when its too cold to swim, your child can still be a mermaid.


These would make such great Holiday gifts for your little mermaid! More information at

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3DLightFX 3D Deco Lights

Are you looking or a cool holiday gift? These are perfect for children of all ages and adults too. How cool would these look in a man cave or a dorm room? 3DLIGHTFX 3D Deco Lights are the perfect gift this holiday season. They have a full range of comic book, super hero, Disney Princess, sports and car lights that look as though they are popping right out of the wall! They are battery operated and cool to the touch so you can place them any where in the room! Your kids will loves having these in their rooms and they’re also the perfect editions to a den, family room, man’s cave or office! Find all of these amazing products here:

I can’t believe how cool these lights are! They literally look like they are popping out of the wall. I love that they are battery operated so that there aren’t any cords showing and yet they do not warm up like other lights. Included is a crack sticker to stick to the wall for a great effect. These lights are available at Target or so they are super easy to buy!

Here are some of my favorite designs:








Skin Care Tips for Fall – TriDerma Skincare {Giveaway}

The leaves are changing colors and Fall is in full swing. I love the Fall season. It is a little cooler and there are so many fun things to do! Our family loves to go to the pumpkin patch, hay rides and haunted houses. Unfortunately, this also means drier air and thus drier skin. At this time of the year (and through the Winter) it is important to insure that your skin is taken care of.

I was recently introduced to TriDerma skincare. This skincare line is all natural and botanical based products made with organic genuine virgin aloe vera. I just tried three of their amazing products and have incorporated them into my Fall skincare routine. Here are my best tips for Fall Skincare:

  • Don’t use soap. Soap is extra drying and will dry out your skin even more!
  • Exfoliate. Scrub off dry skin and increase your skin’s softness and brightness. Try TriDerma’s Spot & Wrinkle Erasing Scrub. It also helps with acne, wrinkles and everyday skin irritations.
  • triderma-spot-and-wrinkle-erasing-scrub2

  • Hydrate. A light-weight moisturizer is the best and TriDerma’s Light Sensitive Skin Healing Moisturizer does the trick! This moisturizer will leave your skin feeling silky soft throughout the day and does not feel heavy on the skin.
  • Eye Care. Reduce swelling and dryness by using Everyday Bruise Relief. It also can be used as an under-eye brightener.
  • Protect Your Lips. Make sure you keep your lips moist by using a non-petroleum based lip balms.
  • Protect Hands and Feet. Find a good cream to keep hands and feet protected and moisturized.
  • Reduce Pores, Spots and Wrinkles. TriDerma has two great products that will help reduce pores, spots and wrinkles this Fall. The Pore Reducing Anti-Age Serum is the perfect primer that will hide imperfections and improve overall skin texture, skin and complexion. The Spot & Wrinkle Reducing Cream is a Medical strength anti-aging cream that help erase the look of spots, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • triderma-spot-and-wrinkle-erasing-cream

  • Use a Sunscreen. You can still get sunburned in the Fall, so remember to use a good sunscreen. If you do get burned, use TriDerma’s Extra Pure Healing Gel which is great for minor burns and sunburn. It also provides soothing, softening, hydrating and natural anti-inflammatory relief for all kinds of skin irritations.
  • triderma-extra-pure-healing-gel

Would you like to try the three TriDerma’s Skincare products pictured above? Enter the giveaway below to win!

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Personalized Baby Gift: Hi Little One

When I buy a baby gift, I like to purchase something that is unique. While there are really cute baby items at all the big box stores, some of the smaller online stores really peak my interest! I just came across a new baby store called Hi Little One. Hi Little one produces baby gifts that I can totally get behind.

Hi Little One was founded by two sisters and offers modern designs for personalized newborn gifts, onesies, kid’s t-shirts, gift sets and totes. Their hip collections, combined with your personalized touch, allow you to create a one of the kind gift that will show your style and make gift giving so much fun! Hi Little one offers:

  • Super-soft, high quality cotton
  • Hand Printed in the USA
  • Fast worldwide shipping within 5 business days
  • 10% of profits support pediatric cancer charities

Recently, a new addition was added to my extended family! My sister’s son had a beautiful baby boy. I wanted to get him a cute unique baby gift that also spoke of the time frame he was born in. I choose this style of onesie that I think is perfect:


Called “The Ike” it reminds me of the old campaign buttons. What a timely gift during election season!

There are so many different styles of onesies to choose from. Here are some of my favorites that would make a great baby gift:




Want more than a onesie? Why not get a gift set? Each gift set is unique and includes a onesie. These gift sets are some of my favorites!



There are so many different products and styles, that I can’t possibly show them all to you! If you are looking for a unique baby gift, Hi Little One is the perfect place to start. Head on over to Hi Little One and pick out your favorite!

Bathroom Basket: Perfect for Making Incontinence Products Discreet #MembersMarkCares

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MembersMarkCares #CollectiveBias

If you know anyone who suffers from incontinence, you probably realize that they are embarrassed by the problem. Nobody wants to be thought of as the person who pees their pants! My daughter, who is a CNA at a nursing home, deals with a number of women who have incontinence. She is very aware that they are unhappy with the situation, and she try to helps them feel as comfortable as possible. She lets them know that she cares about them and is not there to judge them.

Recently, someone who I care about, realized that she needed to purchase adult underwear to help with her incontinence problem. This was not a comfortable topic for her since I am the one who does all of her shopping for her. She was unaware of what products were available and what product would be the best choice for her. What she and I didn’t know is that there are different types of adult incontinence products: liners, belted shields, protective underwear, and disposable briefs.

  • Liners, pads and guards are inserts that are secured to your own undergarments with a protective strip. They offer less bulk, but are best for light incontinence.
  • Belted shields are liners or pads combined with a belt or strap that can be worn without underwear and are less bulky than protective underwear.
  • Protective underwear are disposable pull-ups. There are different degrees of absorbency and most offer wicking and odor control.
  • Disposable briefs are known as adult diapers and are highly absorbent with side fasteners making easy for caretakers to help the person.
  • My friend decided that protective underwear would be the best option for her since she is able to change the underwear herself without assistance and they feel more like underwear than other products. I suggested that she try Member’s Mark Protective Underwear for Women since Member’s Mark products from Sam’s Club always get great reviews!

    I was easily able to locate the appropriate product at Sam’s Club (btw, I love my Sam’s Club Membership!).

    The products comes with 80 Large adult underwear in one package for $29.98. This is a great deal compared to grocery store and drug store prices.



    Another concern was that she would need to keep the product in the bathroom in a place easily accessible. Since the bathroom door in her small apartment opens right up into the living space, she felt uncomfortable placing the product right where she needed it. I came up with a great idea! I found her a cute basket. I bought some fabric and was able to attach the fabric using just a glue gun. I added a drawstring to make a discreet holding spot for the underwear. Now she can store the product, right where she needs it, without it being in full sight of visitors. She was extremely happy with this solution.



    Because my friend is on a tight budget, we are so happy that Sam’s Club makes finding a solution for incontinence so affordable! Sam’s Club is definitely my one-stop shop for all my caregiving needs.


Book Review: Deadly Ties by Maggie Thom

She went to jail for the right reason but the wrong murder.

With her mom in a coma, Kyara is determined to discover who is behind the brutal attack. Does her grandmother’s recent release from jail have anything to do with it? The police believe that some meth addicted youth are responsible but what Kyara uncovers is shocking. Is anyone telling the truth? Even Ryan who she thought might be able to help her is harnessing his own dark secret. Is he truly trying to help her or does he have his own agenda?

The golf course wasn’t built because the sport was gaining in popularity but to hide a deadly secret. Those responsible are determined to keep it buried and those who know anything are being silenced. Kyara finds herself trying to catch an old woman, stay ahead of those trying to kill her and unveil the truth. But can she do it before a town pays the ultimate price?

My Review

I love mysteries and this one fit the bill. I didn’t want to put it down. The characters were interesting, the plot had a few twist and the ending was perfect. I enjoyed that there was an environmental twist and coverup. The main character, Kyara, really doesn’t want to be back in her home town, but returns because someone attacked her mom. She realizes that there is something fishy in the town and she works to uncover the dark secret. This books is well worth the read!

Available to buy from…   Barnes and Noble   Kobo   iBooks

“The plot was intricate and it made me want to finish it quickly so I could discover all the mysteries. There was lots of action, a love story and a good depiction of strong women which I really liked. “ – C H-Jackson

“A Deep Mystery With Hidden Treachery And Suspense. Maggie Thom is one of the best suspense writers in today’s fiction. Highly recommended.” – Virginia E. Johnson

“Maggie Thom writes a fast paced thriller laced with romance that keeps the reader interested and on edge!” – InDtale Magazine

DEadly Ties Quote 1a

About the author

Award winning author, Maggie Thom, grew up in a house full of books and often made weekly trips to the library to get more. Reading was her go to, when it was too cold outside to play. She started experimenting with writing at a young age letting her imagination take her away on many adventures. Maggie has written everything from technical writing, to nonfiction, to fiction for children, youth and adults, along with poems and short stories. She finally settled on her love of puzzles, mysteries and roller coasters and now writes suspense/thrillers that will take you on one heck of a ride. Author of The Caspian Wine Series – Captured Lies and Deceitful Truths with Split Seconds to be out late 2016 – and her other published novel, Tainted Waters (2013 Suspense/Thriller Book of the Year through Turning the Pages Magazine). Her latest novel, Deadly Ties had just been released.

Her motto: Read to escape… Escape to read…

Find the author on the following sites….
Website   Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Google+   Goodreads   Amazon Author Page

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Broken Zipper? Fix it with Fix N Zip #fixnzip

fixnzipOne thing that frustrates me? A broken zipper! It always happens when I am super rushed, ready to go out the door. Or it is on a product that I love and want to keep, but I can’t use it if the zipper is broken!

Fortunately, there is a SOLUTION! Fix N Zip is the perfect product for instantly fixing the zipper on a wide ranage of home, travel and fashion-based items (including luggage, dresses, pants, skirts, handbags, golf bags, sleeping bags, and jeep windows).

How Does it Work?

Fix N Zip slides over any broken zipper and instantly replaces it as a new zipper which makes it perfect for a wide range of broken zipper issues. This is a new, innovative way to effortlessly repair zipper without the use of needles, threads or other tools. Plus, Fix N Zip is REUSABLE! You can simply take it off one item and use it on another. The slider parts are made of nickel plated zinc die cast and the spring and thumbscrew of stainless steel.

Product highlights

  1. Zipper repair without tools or sewing
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Repairs tooth and coil, metal and plastic zippers
  4. Each fits a range of sizes
  5. Can be started anywhere on the zipper
  6. Comes in attractive bright nickel or black nickel finishes
  7. Non-corrosive surface
  8. Durable
  9. Promotes recycling and sustainability
  10. Can be re-used
  11. Full website and online instructional support
  12. Online store for ease of ordering
  13. Made in the USA
  14. Assembled and packaged by Exceed Enterprises, an employer of the disabled

The FixnZip comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Its design enables each to fit a range of sizes as well as universally apply to teeth or coil zippers, metal or plastic. It can be used on open ended (such as a jacket) or closed ended zippers and can be started anywhere on the zipper. In the case of a zipper that may be missing some teeth, the FixnZip glides over these and realigns the remaining teeth thus restoring the functionality of the zipper.


Here is a short video showing how easy it is to use the FixnZip:

Join Me at the Pinners Conference & Expo! @pinnersconf


This is the third year that I will be attending the Pinners Conference & Expo in Salt Lake City on November 4th and 5th! This is definitely one of my favorite conferences to attend. I am hoping that both of my daughters will be able to attend with me this year as well.

What is the Pinners Conference & Expo?

Two great events in one! Not only is it a conference featuring 100 Pinterest-based class, but there are almost 200 top businesses displaying their products! You can find classes and products in such areas as DIY, crafts, cooking, self-improvement, photography, party planning and more! I have attended several of the classes in the past and have learned so much.

This year, you can find the Pinners Conference & Expo not only in Salt Lake City, but Dallas, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia. The admission is very reasonable ($7) and the you can purchase admission to the classes as well. Some classes cost a little extra for the kits, but it is definitely worth it because you get to take home a cool project.

Won’t you join me at the Pinners Conference & Expo this year?