Tips for Using Rafflecopter in Your Giveaways

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I have been entering a bunch of giveaways lately. Most blogs are using Rafflecopter to help facilitate their giveaways. Rafflecopter is an application that can help bloggers create and run giveaways on their blogs. It is simple to create a giveaway and makes it easier for your readers to enter the giveaways. Right now, Rafflecopter is by invitation only, but you can sign up for more information on their site.

Here are some of the tips that I recommend when using Rafflecopter for your giveaway. Some of these tips are useful for giveaways that do not use Rafflecopter as well.

  1. Commenting. If you want a participant to comment on your blog for an entry, do not a) make them sign up for membership to comment and b) have Captcha turned on (a code that requires entry before the comment will be accepted). These two things discourage comments.
  2. GFC. If one of your entries is to join your site using Google Friend Connect, please tell them where your GFC box is located. It helps not to have to scroll all over the page looking for it.
  3. Links. If you want me to visit a sponsor page, another blog, etc., please include a clickable link. This is what the link code should look like:rafflecopter-link In Rafflecopter, highlight the text you want linked and click on the world with the link. You will need to change the link text to your specific link.
  4. Be specific where you want them to comment. If you want them to comment on the post, make sure that your tell them to scroll down to the bottom and leave a post comment, otherwise, they may just leave the comment in the Extra Info box.
  5. Only one Rafflecopter Form per page. Rafflecopter will only work when there is one form per page. If you are running more than one contest, be sure to use this code () without the parenthesis, in your post before the Rafflecopter code. This will ensure that readers will be taken to a separate page to enter the contest.
  6. Make it Visible. I may be coming from a linky on another site. If you post is not at the top, and I can’t find it, I might not enter. Either make the post sticky (in WordPress, click on Visibility under the Publish box and choose Stick this post to the front page) or make another post at the top of your site that lists all your giveaways.
  7. Make the first option easy. If your first option is required and it is Like a Facebook page or become a Twitter follower or GFC follower, come people might not enter. I have seen giveaways that just require the first enter to be name and email address. Or even a blog post comment will work.
  8. Check Your Twitter Text. This is a mistake that I have made. Rafflecopter allows you to copy a previous giveaway as a template. When you copy the giveaway, make sure to check every option. I forgot to check the Tweet About the Giveaway option. Make sure that the text you are asking them to Tweet corresponds with your current giveaway!

For more tips and tricks on using Rafflecopter, check out their blog. There is a ton of great information there!

The Shopping Duck

Cecile has been a work-at-home mom since 2003. She is busy being a chauffeur to her kids, managing community activities and blogging. Cecile enjoys drawing on her professional experience as a University manager and computer engineer to help others achieve social media success.

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  1. stacey dempsey says:

    i would also ask the blogs that use the blogger thing for posts ( not word press) or discus too , when you ask us to comment on your blog my GFC name is roswell but in rafflecopter i use my own name, if you just leave and extra info box in that entry we could put what name we commented under, i have talked to raffelcopter about this and they say they are going to address this issue, i could change my GFC name i guess, but then all the contest that are acitvely running would be void, i could use my GFC name i guess, but then i have to remember from what blog to blog if they are using word press or not what it will come up as, ahh does that make any sense , JUST LEAVE A EXTRA INFO BOX when you ask us to make a comment on your blog THANKS

  2. Great tips, I just a bit worried about the scripts on my page,

  3. I totally agree on the comment entry. My blogger name is Tin which is my nickname. As for the rafflecopter form I always use Christine SD. When such entry has no extra info box, I’m going to have to always include the phrase “I’m Christine SD on the Rafflecopter form” on my comment. It’s worse when commentimg is mandatory. I would most likely end up not joining the giveaway.

  4. I think this should be included when people sign up to use the application for a giveaway…I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to look and look and look and still not find the GFC and you want to make sure you do for the entry into whatever giveaway it is…so Great tips! :0)

  5. The Shopping Duck says:

    Mine is different too. I put my real name and then my GFC name in parenthesis so both are in the name field.

  6. Thank you for the tip about the link. I was looking at instructions from Rafflecopter and couldn’t figure out how to create the link. Your instructions showed no space between the ](. ๐Ÿ™‚